2023 Community Poem Instructions

We need your words to help create the 2023 Carrboro Community Poem! This year's theme is COMMUNITY. 

What is it about poetry that brings community together? Is it speaking our truth? Is it sharing our words? Is it listening? Writing? Speaking? How do our words touch another and allow us to connect? Poetry can bring us together, shape our community, and allow us to listen to each other and communicate.

Community through poetry haiku:

Let me hear your words
and listen to me speak mine.
Poems share our breath.

Choose one of the two following options:

Option 1: Create a line of poetry that has a reference to Carrboro, NC.

Option 2: Create a line of poetry that has one or all of the theme words in it: together, join, speak.

DISCLAIMER: The Carrboro Poet’s Council and Town of Carrboro reserve the right to select lines based on appropriateness for the community and Festival