Carrboro Creek Cache

Carrboro Creek Cache Event—For all ages!

Carrboro Creek-Cache Join Carrboro in celebrating Orange County Creek Week with geocaching! Caches will be hidden on Town-owned properties highlighting nearby creeks and other stormwater explorations. Find them all and you will be entered into a drawing for a Watershed Explorers Kit. A children's and adult's kit will be given away.

 What is geocaching, or caching?

Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt where players use GPS coordinates to guide them to a location. Most often, this leads to a physical cache, which may come in a container as big as a bucket or as small as a fingernail!

How do I participate?

 Before the Event

Prepare your smart phone: Make sure you have a mapping or geocaching app and know how to enter coordinates and navigate to a point. (You can also use a handheld GPS unit.)

On March 17th, check this webpage to get the coordinates for the caches.

Finding Creek Caches

What to take:

  • smart phone or GPS unit
  • pen to sign the log
  • small trash bag or plastic grocery bag (Good geocachers practice CITO—Cache In, Trash Out!)

What to do:

  1. Navigate to the cache coordinates.
  2. Look for the cache, but be discreet! Remember that the cache may be small or big. (The caches for Creek Week will range from the size of a bison tube to a small food-size container.) Look for the logo above on the cache.
  3. After you find the cache, open the container and find a log inside. Sign your name and the date on the log so your find can be verified. Each cache will also include fun stormwater facts about the cache location. Check it out!
  4. Place the log and info sheet back into the cache container. Put the container back how you found it so the next cachers can have the same experience. (If the container or log is damaged or missing, let us know by sending a note to

Where to find them:

Henry Anderson Community Park

  • N 35° 55.276, W 079° 06.256
  • N 35° 55.562, W 079° 06.347

Simpson Street Mini Park

  • N 35° 55.039, W 079° 05.451

Martin Luther King Park

  • N 35° 55.568, W 079° 05.384

Wilson Park

  • N 35° 55.147, W 079° 04.557

Town Hall

  • N 35° 54.692, W 079° 04.634

After the Event

By March 27th, send Heather Holley  an email  at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact info
  • How many caches you found
  • Indicate your interest in the Adult or Child Giveaway Kit.
  • What you thought about the game, including any interesting experiences, what you learned, wildlife you saw, etc.