FREE Leaf Compost

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Composting leaves makes a dark, rich, earthy organic matter that can be used like soil.  Leaf compost is not normally considered a fertilizer as it is too low in nutrient content, but is extremely beneficial as as an organic amendment and a soil conditioner.  

The Town of Carrboro provides free leaf compost to residents.  The compost is located at 7917 Old NC 86 and is accessible during daylight hours.

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Benefits of Leaf Compost

  • Reduces alternate freezing and thawing of soils which can injure the fibrous roots of plants.
  • Keep the soils cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. 
  • Reduces rainfall runoff, thereby making more water available for plant growth. 
  • Decreases water evaporation losses from the soil. 
  • Reduces soil erosion by wind or water.  
  • Soil tilth is improved making the soils easier to cultivate.  
  • Increased biological activity of earthworms and other soil organisms. 
  • Contains nutrients that are essential for plant growth.
  • Helps to control plant diseases and weeds.


Call (919) 918-7425