Information Technology

OUR PURPOSE is to assist departments in delivering technology-based solutions that are cost-effective and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of various Town services. This is accomplished in a spirit of partnership and consultation with our stakeholders, which fosters a customer-focused environment that integrates people, processes, and technology. To work with various external and community organizations, as directed by the Town Manager, to discover mutually beneficial relationships sharing technology resources and strengths.

 Departmental Goals

  • To provide technology that enhances the delivery of Town services and improves access to and the quality of vital government data.
  • To partner with our various customers to understand their business processes and needs and then identify activities that can be effectively streamlined through the application of technology in a manner that is cost-effective and convenient.
  • To continually seek improvement by aligning technology to business processes throughout Town government.
  • To increase business continuity and limit service interruption through the application of technology and infrastructure redundancy.