Economic Sustainability Commission


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month


Agendas are prepared prior to the meeting, minutes are available following approval.

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The Economic Sustainability Commission is composed of 8 members appointed by the Town Council. All members of this commission shall either reside within the town, own property within the town, or have a principal place of employment within the town. The board shall endeavor to appoint at least 1 person who resides within the immediate vicinity of downtown Carrboro as well as at least 1 person who owns or operates a business within this area.


The commission will:

  • Evaluate commercial growth, development, and redevelopment to ensure projects correspond with the town’s sustainability goals and the triple bottom-line sustainability principles:
    • Do no harm to the environment and protect natural resources.
    • Adhere to the principles of social justice and equity in economic and community development efforts.
    • Return strong stakeholders value.
  • Promote the development and expansion of diverse job opportunities, providing for economic opportunity and mobility.
  • Administer the Revolving Loan Fund.
  • Work closely with the Town Manager or their designee for dealing with sustainability issues.
  • Make studies and recommend to the board plans, goals, and objectives relating to the growth, development, and redevelopment of the town.
  • Recommend to the board site-specific plans for the commercial development of various lots within the town, showing recommended types of development for these specific lots.
  • Recommend to the board plans for the improvement of access to and circulation within the town by motorists (including parking), public transportation users, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Upon request of the Board of Adjustment or Town Council, make recommendations to the respective board on requests for special or conditional use permits or land use ordinance text or zoning map changes.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the board.